Dear Friend

Dear Friend

Welcome to the TEAM Bootcamp Career portal. We are constantly on the look out for new talent and skills in order to create better, long lasting results for our community.

We have a range of roles with an ever expanding team but before you go any further you should know…

We nurture a community that butts the trend. In today’s work place packed with millennials, it can be seen as ‘cool to be shit!’ forget it. We EXPECT high standards, a professional approach, a constant strive to grow and be better and ACCEPT nothing less.

Each member of the TEAM is as vital as the next. If we ever hear ‘That’s not in my remit…’ You’ll get a kick in the shin… That’s not TEAM Spirit and it’s not part of our ETHOS. TEAM Bootcamp and other Positive Retreats Ltd enterprises are great businesses. Great businesses are made up of great people and great people provide great results! That is the cycle of a great enterprise and you WILL be expected to play your part.

Finally… We face some of the most challenging fitness and fat loss clients in the industry. If you want easy to motivate, easy to train people in a warm, well-equipped gym… jog on. At TEAM you will be challenged, you will be tested and you will be required to think… But what follows challenge is HUGE pride and immense experience and recognition.

If you got this far… you have shown promise and we look forward to hearing from you.