Incubator Project

Incubator Project

Dear Friend,
So you found your way here? That means you are probably a lot like Paula and I have been in the past… In fact…

DID YOU KNOW… A disproportionate amount of the TEAM Bootcamp team have faced tough life battles in the past… and they have ALL overcome them… so could you.

At TEAM Bootcamp we operate a little-known community enterprise called the Incubator Project. We are considering applications for our Incubator Skill Exchange roles where you can gain support, employment, advice, accommodation, food and but more importantly a sense of belonging, direction, clarity and all in a familiar, safe and positive environment.

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About You
Throughout the year’s TEAM Bootcamp founders Craig & Paula Williams have their fair share of battles.

“We know how tough life can be and sometimes you just need a short break from the barrage of shite life can throw at you just long enough for you to catch a breath.” Craig Williams – TEAM Bootcamp Founder and Head of The Incubator Project.

If life is tough right now, maybe you have issues resettling from the forces, a breakup or other significant event in your life… maybe you are struggling to find employment or get back on your feet?

If life just seems a little too much right now… maybe the Incubator Project is for you?

About Us
We provide a range of benefits from temporary accommodation, food, skills training, coaching and counselling in exchange for a little of your time, effort and skills.

Some of our most effective staff started their time with TEAM Bootcamp as struggling weight loss clients or deeply depressed, unhappy and overwhelmed soldiers.

The Incubator Project provides not only your basic needs but also sanctuary from the barrage of life’s stresses, employment prospects and new skills and the feeling of making a difference again.

“Maslow teaches us that unless the basic needs of individuals are met, they are completely unable to move on and thrive. In the residential fitness camp with have the ability to easily provide the basic human needs while we work on creating a positive mindset.” Paula Williams – Co-Founder of TEAM Bootcamp and Lead Mindset Coach on the Incubator Project.

Skill Exchange

So… What now?
We have a number of potential incubator positions and are always open to applications, but you MUST understand that there is no guarantee and we employ a strict application, trial and probationary period system.

Getting Started.
The Incubator Project is split into two tiers. You can find more details below.

Tier 1 – Complete Skill Exchange
The Incubator Project provides all your basic needs including accommodation, food and coaching in exchange for your work.

Ideal for: If you are struggling right now and need low-level coaching and counselling.

The aim is to reduce stress and overwhelm long enough for you to find clarity and regain some direction in life.
Roles are unlikely to be client facing and will allow plenty of time and space for you to contemplate your situation, work your way through issues with your incubator mentor and build self-esteem, confidence and a positive mindset ready for taking flight again.

Tier 2 – Skills & Authority Maximiser
Maybe you just want to get started in the civilian workplace and would like to resettle in a more controlled and supported manner?

Ideal for: Struggling forces or service personnel that are finding it hard on civvy street. If you feel lost, alone and overwhelmed we could be a good fit?

The aim is to provide for your basic human needs long enough for you to reduce overwhelm, find your feet in a civilian workplace, learn new skills and maybe even prepare to start your own business?

Roles are often client facing with a moderate salary subsidised with food, accommodation and coaching.

Whether you have aspirations of being a personal trainer, entrepreneur, tradesman, chef, mindset coach or whatever… The Incubator team can help.

It all starts by emailing